Shopping Cart

Professional online businesses need to provide a clear and secure business interaction between the customer and provider. This is neccessary if you want to generate revenue online. Professionally security-audited credit card and Paypal transactions are essential. We ensure you have penetration proof ecommerce. We create catalogues and shopping carts that can cater for an unlimited number of categories and products. We can also expand or contract it, and move it to different hosts without the expense of redoing the entire cart. The catalogue and shopping cart is also the part of the website where you can create/insert copy, categories, products images, bank and contact details yourself, with expert support to back you up from us, of course. We can also provide you with modules for phone, social blogs, twitter, email and postal marketing on your site. Language, courier, shipping (with tracking) modules are available also.

– Manage Menu & Content 24/7
– Online Catalogue & Shopping Cart
– Direct Payment Setup
– SSL Security
– Marketing Module
– Email Account
– Hosting

Idealweb custom all the leading shopping cart in the market

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