Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of:

  • Increasing the ranking of your website on Google
  • Improving the quality of online traffic to your website
  • Expanding the quantity of online traffic to your website

Search Engine Optimisation evaluates how search engines work and what people research for, as an Internet marketing strategy. To design an optimised website mainly involves editing its content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to certain keywords in order to eliminate barriers and the indexing activities of search engines.

SEO management is able to increase the awareness of your website based on the content of your site and knowledge of the relevant marketplace, which means visitors who are only interested in what your website has to offer, will be the target group.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Objectives:
    • To ensure and maintain your website’s attraction to specific target groups in the largest quantities possible from online traffic.
    • To make sure the service of internet marketing with clients proceeds transparently as well as to integrate traditional marketing based on a measurable ROI (Return on Investment) driven campaign.
    • To supply the service of internet marketing, focusing on ROI (Return On Investment) driven campaigns through the online tools of Google AdWords, Newsletters, E-mail marketing and Blogging, and to penetrate through the cyber clutter in order to approach the target groups with the right message at the right time.

Social Maida
Social Maida is a very import marketing place. Idealweb help you establish a clear goal and strategy. We offer you proper guidelines and support your regularly post. We help you how to build a good relationship with your customer, and you can naturally introduce your new products, promotion, services or business events to your customers.

Google Analytics

An indispensable analysis and statistics tool, GA (Google Analytics) provides information about visitors to websites. This information is particularly relevant to marketers. GA tracks visits from all referrers, including pay-per-click networks, search engines, ads and email marketing. When intergrated with Google’s Adwords, online campaigns can be monitored for performance. GA analysis can also pinpoint visitors’ referrers, duration of visit, web pages browsed and geographical location.

Google AdWords

SEO and SEM supports use of Google’s AdWords by selecting keyword-targeted text advertising to drive traffic to your website. We help you to gather the best keyword list for your target groups, to expand your productive keyword list vastly, to create highly clickable copy for your advertisements, to precisely limit the distribution of your advertisements to the potential clients and customers who are most interested, to take on your competition with creative bidding strategies, and to reduce the costs of your campaign while the click-throughs are increasing.