Website Profile

We customise your user interface to establish an optimum business-client relationship that is clear, attractive, informative, supportive and commercially functional. Our aim is to ensure your business is an online success, and we are driven to provide the best possible strategies and web application that deliver the best results. Our graphic design team also cross platforms to print, providing you with a comprehensive one stop service. No loose ends. The Ideal web for you.

Smarter Websites

Smarter websites don’t simply look good, they’re an asset. They have user-friendly navigation that actively engage your customer. They provide accessibility to clear, updated information that target customers’ questions and a variety of communication channels to connect the customer to you. They advertise your business and sell your product. Smarter websites are built with the latest software technology and can gather information that informs your marketing strategies. They can generate leads and optimise search engine visibility so you’re on top of the list for all to see.

– 5 Static Pages
– Header Design
– Basic Menu
– Email Accounts
– Hosting

Self Management

Concerned about the added cost of website management? We can manage your site entirely for very competitive rates, but we encourage clients to self manage their own websites. And you won’t be taken away from your business or precious time to do it. You leave the graphics, site construction, maintenance and hosting to us. These areas are monitored and updated at all times and always online. Then we provide you with a portal where you can instantly log on to any of your pages to change or edit content anytime, 24/7. Once we’ve instructed you on how to do this, it’s a snap! No cost with no waiting. Keep in mind that our expert support is here to back you up whenever you need it.

– Manage Menu & Content 24/7
– Save Time & Money
– No Programming Skills Required
– Ongoing Tech Support *
– Email Account
– Hosting

Enterprise Development (Call for Meeting)

We can continue to develop your E-commerce system to adapt to changes of your online business as it evolves over time. These changes could include company restucturing, international expansion and franchising to name a few. Special customised projects (e.g. Christmas sale) can be intergrated into your website temporarily or permanently. We offer complete solutions for problems that arise as your online store matures.

– Complete E-Commerce System
– Complex & High End Web Design
– Business Management Tools
– Special Customised Projects
– Team Support 24/7

* Need Support on your existing www? Call Us Now to Discuss!